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Sexy Carmen by theonejanitor Sexy Carmen by theonejanitor
So I wanted to draw a sexy girl, because you know, raccoon is good looking but she's so mean and uninviting. So at first I was going to draw Black Widow, but then I was like, everyone draws her, and everyone I kept thinking of fell into the same category. So I wanted to draw someone I don't see that much. Why I picked Carmen Sandiego to be my sexy girl, I have no idea. I love Carmen though, I plan to do a graphic novel about her and see if I can get the license to release it. Carmen Sandiego is probably my favorite fictional character of all time. And I'm sure she's got something worth seein' up under that trench coat :-D

i totally stole the idea of the reflective surface from one of chamba's pics, hopefully he doesn't get upset :-D I suppose its a common thing anyway.

The line art is kind of rough because I didn't do a good job of getting rid of the sketchy lines, but i still like it.
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LETMESEEBEUTY Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
Good work 
Diakron79 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
I know in the minority here, but (sigh) Jesus Christ dude, must you rape our childhood? :(
TherealRNO Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010
Brings new meaning to the words "Nice BOOBY trap". But if you're to do a novel, you need to remain true to the canon, which established Carmen as a South American-born orphan (she was originally the daughter of wealthy millionaire Malcom Avalon, but a fire seperated her from her family, which put her in an orphanage until ACME found her) ex-ACME CrimeNET operative who grew bored of the humdrum life as a goody-two-shoes and therefore, became the world's greatest (and most elusive and cunning) theif. Unlike other villains though, she doesn't steal for greedy reasons generally. In truth, I guess she's basically a decent female version of The Riddler, leaving clues to her heists, but unlike E. Ngyma, she doesn't do criminal activities for an ego boost. She steals for the thrill of the challenge and also unlike other villains, she doesn't hurt or kill her opposition, although she may taunt them a bit to string them along.

But...where in the world, where in time, or where on earth is she? The world may never know. She may be with Waldo for all we may know.
theonejanitor Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2010
yeah i've been doing a lot of research into Carmen's background. Each version of her has a slightly different story though.
TherealRNO Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2010
But a lot of it--such as ditching ACME for the criminal trade--has remained constant.
TanukiTagawa Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2009
This is the best proff that until the bad girls have a good side! ;P
michiganj24 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2008
Now I see how she always gets away she drops the coat and flashes those ACME knuckleheads.
Marvelous work here keep up the greatness
TherealRNO Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2008
Well, besides her "assets", I'm sure Carmen Isabella Sandiego has weapons & escape tools underneath her trench coat. XD Why? 'Cause she's cool like that! ^_^

Do it Rockapella! [link]
dNlbNtl Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2008 that's what's up. Great work :nod:.
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